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How often do you look through the seemingly endless amounts of digital photographs that accumulate so quickly over the years and wish that you could display them in a more visible way? The nature of today’s technology makes capturing moments very easy, however those moments become invisible and forgotten when saved on your computer or tucked away in the depths of your Instagram account. PhotoCoasters are the solution to this conundrum. They provide the much needed visibility and move your photographs from the realm of digital and into the realm of the everyday life.

blackbulletDimensions: 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 0.125″

blackbulletPhotoCoasters are printed on Pet-G which is more commonly used for beverage, food, and other liquid containers.

blackbulletPet-G is FDA approved for food contact. It has a high operating temperature which means your hot coffee or tea won’t affect the form of the coaster.

blackbulletWe finish off the product with a solid cork base, to increase grip on smooth surfaces.

blackbulletThe slight texture on the face of the coaster allows for better contact and reduces the chance of accidents.